So here is a little about how we charge 

the cost of wedding flowers can be a mystery and money can be a difficult topic to talk about. At the wild fox we try to make our pricing clear. We make little money on flower so that we can always choose the best blooms ( we do not have to make our profit by choosing the cheapest flower!) but we do charge for our time. 

Sourcing the best flower that is in season from local suppliers, foraging, finding the perfect accessories and taking the time to produce your arrangements with love and attention take time. we are not a wedding factory and everything that we do is individual and heart felt. this is the way we like it and we are not willing to compromise. 

after your consultation we will provide you with a quotation that describes each individual item with images where applicable. at the end of the quote there will be a table with the individual price of every item. on top of this is a charge for sourcing and prep, a charge for deliver and a charge for collection and clear up. we don't hide this prices within the cost of the items so that you know exactly where your budget is going. 

we always ask what your budget is and here is why. Its not because we want to max it, but we do want to design a wedding that is realistic for your budget and we don't want to offer you something that we know you cant afford. there are always options and it is our job to make your vision as real as possible. when we send your quote we always make sure that you understand that its not written in stone. that we can rewrite and adjust things for you and that you don't have to have everything thing on the list!

so here are some start from prices....

bridal bouquet-  from £110.00

bridesmaids bouquets-   from £60.00

flower girl bouquets -from £30.00

circlets/flower crowns- from £25.00/£40.00

table centres- from £50.00

buttonholes- from £5.00

items such as archways, chandeliers, flower walls, floral installations are priced dependant on mechanics, size and flower content. these can only be priced after a site visit. 

also please note that i do not have a huge stoke of vessels etc. most are hired in so that i can design your event just for you. I pass on the price of this directly but anything that i do have such as votive's, you are welcome to hire for free!