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Workshops to learn something new, spend time with the important people or meet new ones.....

If you fancy learning something new then why not add a bit of floral fancy to your life. we offer all sorts of classes including flower crowns, Terrariums, kokadama, dutch masters style arranging ,Home decoration for Christmas, wreath making, basic flower arranging and more. if there is something that you fancy and its not on the list give us a call and we can make it happen!

Workshops are a great idea for all sorts of occasions. hen parties, team building or just spending times with those who are most important to you.

Prices start from just £35.00 per person (group discount will be considered) and refreshments are provided.

no prior knowledge of floristry is needed and i can guarantee that you will take home something beautiful. have at look at our workshop calendar for a list of all current classes. 


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Scroll and book yourself on our selection of workshops below. If you have a question please let us know.

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We will be releasing more workshops soon. Stay tuned for these beauties...

1:1 sessions

Terrarium Workshop

Festive Christmas Workshops

Christmas Workshops

Festival Flower Crown

Mothers Day workshop